Programme: Mixed-use Masterplan
Client: City of Helsinki
Location: Helsinki - Finland
Scale: 213.000 m²
Status: Competition 2008

Aiming for this modern exacerbation of differences, the ekoivusaari project, rather than the usual landfills with meandering shorelines, proposes a straight-forward rectangular structure enhancing the natural outlines of the existing islands.

The existing Koivusaari island is turned into an eco-park - a mix of park and energy production. Meant as a clear intervention providing a strong identity, the ekoivusaari project imply a dense built environment served by an efficient infrastructure system. Nevertheless, relationships and views to the natural surroundings are provided with small islands kept in their natural state and integrated in the urban fabric, cuts in the urban mass, water canals, meandering shoreline in the south, floating piers and housings, filamentous green alga fields, etc.