Programme: Post-Disaster Housing Design
Client: New York City Office of Emergency Managment
Team: Laurent Troost
Location: New York - USA
Scale: XL
Status: Competition 2008 - Honorable Mention

In a city characterized, among others things, by its numerous piers, this project proposes to occupy water to let a faster reconstruction happen. Based on a modular system inspired by boat-building techniques, the project allows a fast development, and a multiplicity of other uses while the units are not in use.

Jury report:

"The jury appreciated the image of this highly imaginative floating “boat village” – possibly the most striking image of all of the entries. The suggestion was to use the water as an alternative site while post-disaster reconstruction was undertaken. This modular boat-like village was seen as a unique proposal deserving of merit. The application of boat-building technology for redeployable facilities impressed the jury as well. It was suggested that the one-story solution could be doubled, significantly increasing the density. With entrance staircases to the individual units stepping down from a public pier (in effect), the jury had some concerns over the idea of overhead circulation. Yet the provision of a new public pier was seen by the jury as true community asset that would be clearly appreciated in otherwise devastated neighborhoods."