Programme: Masterplan of a micro-technology companies park
Client: Cities of Chaux-de-Fond and Le-Locle
Team: Laurent Troost
Location: Cret-du-Locle - Switzerland
Scale: 17.000 m² - built area / 12 Ha - masterplan
Status: Competition 2007

The challenge of this competition was the creation of a new economical center with its identity and attractivity on the Micro-Technology Road, while respecting the relation between the two cities as well as the landscape in between.

To lower the impact of the built mass, to create a unique identity and to guarantee a sustainable development , this project proposed to create the Micro-technology park integrated within a color-tree nursery.

Although completely autonomous in terms of image, the economic center isn’t developed on a centralization mode in terms of circulations and functions; it is conceived as a link between the two cities.

Besides providing a unique identity, being an urban space of quality, and providing a privileged contact to its users, the color-tree nursery will generate serious financial returns. And could also be developed in collaboration with the Botanical Institute of Neufchatel and be part of experimentation fields for many of the surrounding Universities.

This is without mentioning the tourism industry that could be derived from such a specific feature for the Region.