Programme: Strategy for the urban growth related to tourisms on the caribean coastline
Client: Supersudaca Foundation
Team: Laurent Troost
Location: Caribe - Mexico
Scale: XXL
Status: Competition 2007 - Special Mention

How to reinvent the 'sun & beach' tourism? How to induce a sustainable development while replying to needs of tourism?

Although today’s market seems to be endlessly diverse, two main tendencies can be extracted:
- The Responsible Tourism is for people looking for sustainable ways of traveling, ethical contacts, ‘green’ experiences.
- The Extreme Tourism is for people with high-end desires, looking for superlatives and extreme experiences.

Instead of increasing the variety of the offer without strategy, which would have an even more devastating effect on the Mexican coast, the Mayan Riviera has now to adapt its property market by converting 100% of it into:
-33% of densified resorts in a sustainable way for the Responsible Tourism
-33% of converted resorts into cities extensions for the resorts workers (including all requested facilities)
-33% of ground going back to ‘virgin’, leaving the Extreme Tourism on offshore floating resorts, underwater or flying ones

The densified and converted resorts will keep the urban logic of a linear city, while achieving a concentration around the existing cities. The whole ensemble creates a global unique linear city with multiple ‘nodes’.