Programme: Chocolate Factory, Offices, Visitor Center, Community gathering spaces
Client:Kallari Association, Architecture for Humanity, AMD Computers
Team: Laurent Troost, Tiana Kiesslich, João Rocha de Souza
Consultant: CDEAM – Centro de Desenvolvimento Energético Amazônico - Prof Dr Rubem Cesar Rodrigues Souza
Location: Beaza - Ecuador
Scale: 1.300 m²
Status: Competition 2008 - Second Prize, Selected XII Bienal Arquitectura Buenos Aires 2009

How to create a production and technology complex in the middle of a rainforest? How to create a factory in a sustainable way? How to minimize the impact of a 1300 sqm unit while respecting and protecting a unique environment and biodiversity?

The Shaded Village project aims to integrate the traditions and culture of the indigenous community with the Fair-trade market needs in an environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy complex deep into the Ecuadorian Amazon.

In doing so, the Shaded Village project combines the advantages of a single building strategy (overall shading system/energy producer) with a more village-like strategy (local typologies, flexibility, ease of construction).

In terms of sustainability, the design of the Shaded Village intends to increase natural ventilation and use of alternative energies such as PV systems, biomass combustion (from cocoa waste), micro-hydro system, and waste/pure vegetable oil generator.